Biography of Desmond doss

Desmond Doss was born on February 7th 1919 in Lynchburg,Virginia,United States was a United States Army corporal who served as a combat medic with an infantry company in World Wide 2. He was twicw awarded the Bronze Star Medal for actions in Guam and the Philippines. Doss furter distinguished himself in the Battle of Okinawa by saving 75 men, becomming the only conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Second World War who during combat had not killed a single enemy soldier. In fact, he refused to carry a gun. His only weapon were his Bible and his faith in God.    When he was a child, for example, he once walked 6 miles to donate blood to an accident victim a complete stranger after hearing about the need fot blood on a local radio station. A few days later, Desmond traveled down the same long stretch of road to give more. Instead, Doss spent his childhood doing things like flattening pennies on the railway near his Lynchburg, Virginia home a…


Culture Festival is an annual event of 3 National High School Bandung. This year the Culture Festival is called Gathapraya.Gathapraya means nation's hope for future. Gathapraya held on 30th September 2017. I became committee at Gathapraya event. I became production manager or logistic. All of the committee have prepared  for this event for more than 3 months. 
    For committee we should came at 5 in the morning. So i came a little late at 5.30. When i arrived me and my friends went to backstage and clean it because there are lots of trash. This event had open gate at 12 o'clock, So before it we prepared everything. After open gate there are lots of performance such as MK, hivi,nidji. 
    I do my job to be comitte so i did my best job as i could until the events is ended. At the end of the event, i watched nidji and hivi performance. They performed very well. It's a great experience for me and i hope next year and after i can experience it again.

The first sunrise

Long, long ago in the Dreamtime the earth was dark. There was no light. It was very cold and very black. Huge grey clouds kept the light and the warmth out and were so low that the animals had to crawl around. The Emu hobbled neck bent almost to the ground; the Kangaroo couldn’t hop, and none of the birds could fly higher than several feet in the air. Only the Snakes were happy because they lived close to the ground.
The animals lived by crawling around the damp dark earth, feeling for fruits and berries. Often it was so hard to find food that several days would pass between meals. The Wombat became so tired of people bumping into him that he dug himself a burrow, and learned to sleep for long periods.
Eventually, the birds decided they’d had enough. They called a meeting of all the animals. The Magpies decided that they would raise the sky by gathering sticks and pushing the sky up. All the animals agreed it was a good idea, and they set about gathering sticks.  The Magpies took a b…



              TheDiphylleia grayiflower is also known as the ‘Skeleton Flower’, maybe on the first time you see this flowers it looks like an ordinary blooms. But there is something extraordinary about it. We can found this flora in Asia provides such as Japan, China, Honshu, Hokkaido and the Yunnan province. These regions provide the mountainous wood habitat necessary for skeleton flower growing conditions.It can grow to a height of 0.4 metres and up to one metre wide. Blooming from mid-spring to early-summer, these little pretties prefer shady conditions and should only receive partial sunlight. Diphylleia grayi is a deciduous perennial which dies back in winter. Its bloom time is May to July, when tiny white flowers with yellow centers burst onto the scene. Not to be overshadowed, the large deeply lobed foliage spreads over the stems with umbrella-like character. The magic of the translucent blooms is a fascinating bit of skeleton flower info. Water seems to m…

Empire State Building

Hello! Me and my friend, Imala just made and upload a video about the Empire State Building on Youtube. There you can found out all the things aboutthe  Empire State Building. If you're intrested in checking it out, please click on the link down below.

Imala's plan for upcoming holiday

Vida : "Hey, Mala! Long time no see, How are you ?" Mala : "Hey, Vida! I'm fine thank you. I miss you so much" Vida : "I miss being classmate with you.What's your plan for the upcoming holiday?" Mala : "I don't know, sleep maybe." Vida : "What about our plan to go to Dufan with our middle school classmate?" Mala : "Oh, right! I forget about that! Are we really gonna go there for sure?" Vida : "Let's make it happen!" Mala: "I should ask them then, to ask their plan for the holiday so we can plan our trip." Vida : "Yeah, let's do that!" Mala : "By the way i can't talk to you much longer" Vida; "Ok, See you on the next holiday" Mala; "Bye" Vida :"Bye"



So the story begins when i was 7 years old. Me and my friemds went to Kidzania. Kidzania is a theme park that kids can try a lot of jobs. Kidzania located in Jakarta inside Pacific Place Mall. So Kidzania is a pretend City and we can get a lot of jobs there by work in each jobs. The result of jobs is we can get a lot of Kidzania money called kidzos. We can try how to be doctor,builder,police,banker,chef,fire fighter and many more.

So let's go back to the story, I played in Kidzania without parents because they weren't allowed to entry. So when i was inside, I played together with my friends. When we were walking together to try other jobs, My friends were missing. I didn't know where they were, so i panicked and cry. And i started to run and tried to find my friends. I called their names loudly. Suddleny i saw a criminal. By the way in Kidzania there is a person that become a criminal, But they're just pretending so it's not the real criminal. Kidzania come with th…