So the story begins when i was 7 years old. Me and my friemds went to Kidzania. Kidzania is a theme park that kids can try a lot of jobs. Kidzania located in Jakarta inside Pacific Place Mall. So Kidzania is a pretend City and we can get a lot of jobs there by work in each jobs. The result of jobs is we can get a lot of Kidzania money called kidzos. We can try how to be doctor,builder,police,banker,chef,fire fighter and many more.

So let's go back to the story, I played in Kidzania without parents because they weren't allowed to entry. So when i was inside, I played together with my friends. When we were walking together to try other jobs, My friends were missing. I didn't know where they were, so i panicked and cry. And i started to run and tried to find my friends. I called their names loudly. Suddleny i saw a criminal. By the way in Kidzania there is a person that become a criminal, But they're just pretending so it's not the real criminal. Kidzania come with th…

Dialogue with Imala

One time in a library, 2 girls accidentally grabbed the same books without knowing.

Imala : "Wow, we have the same taste in books! May I get to know you? I'm Imala!"  Avieda : " Yes, I like this book too! I'm Avieda, happy to know another person that likes this book" Imala : "What other type of books do you like? I mainly like fantasy novels" Avieda : "I like fantasy novels but I like romance novels too" Imala : "Good choice! By the way, what class are you from?" Avieda : "I'm in X Science 3, what about you?" Imala : "WHAT?! We're in the same class! How did I never get to recognize you?" Avieda : "Hahahaha...Well, maybe because it's our first day of school, you know?" Imala : "Maybe we can hang out sometimes?" Avieda "Good idea!Anyway my dad already outside to pick me up! See you later" Imala : See you later"


Hello guys..... Welcome to my blog and my first post. My name is Avieda Rachma. You can call me vida or avieda. I was born in Bandung on 3rd June 2002. I live at Kopo with my family. I have one younger brother. His name is Aksa. He is 9 years old. I used to be a student at Taruna Bakti Junior High School. But now i study at 3 Senior High School. I'm so happy that i got selected here.Senior High School is my dream school since elementary school. 
              When i was in Junior High School, I have 6 best friends. First is Tabina, she isn't in the same class with me but we know each other at course. Second is Imala, She is my classmate since 5th grade. We're in the same class for almost 6 years. Third is Dinda, We know each other since playgroup.Forth is Anindita. She is the person that always hear my life story. Fifth is Zahra, She's so talkative but funny. The last one is Amanda, she's the most crazy friend i've ever have.
              I have hob…